How To Let Your Small Property More Successfully …. Small Can Be Beautiful !
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How To Let Your Small Property More Successfully …. Small Can Be Beautiful !

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How to Let Your Small Home

Guest Post by Charlotte I’Anson of

Don’t be disheartened at the size of your property when thinking about letting. Your small home could be just what someone else is looking for. There is a huge demographic for tenants of small homes depending on their needs. Your property could be more than suitable for people moving out for the first time, looking for a more budget friendly property – in other words downsizers – or eco-friendly people wanting to save on expensive utilities.

However, if you haven’t quite found the best tenant yet, here are some tips to help you let your small home:

Sell The Savings

Low heating bills and electrical costs aren’t just a coincidence; they are a huge selling point. Make sure your potential tenant knows exactly how much they could be saving by downsizing and renting out a smaller place. Your estate agent should list the EPC for your home to prove the point …. and you should also refer to these savings when advertising the property.

Make It Obvious

Don’t be afraid to use stickers and leaflets around your home when customers are coming to view, informing people of green or eco information. There is no harm in letting people know that they could save hundreds of pounds by renting a home with low utility costs, in comparison to the one in which they currently occupy.

Dress It Well

It might seem like an obvious thought but boxes of belongings and clutter will make your place seem smaller than it is. Dress your room with high shelving units to maximise the use of vertical space and consider under bed storage rather than a wardrobe to make clever use of your bedroom, for example.

Lettings Negotiator at Propertynest, April Dickinson advises: “Make sure what you’re advertising is a light space with plenty of neutral colours like white, cream and light grey.”

And she adds: “When using photography to sell a space, you could use a wide-angled lens to capture the full view of the room”.

Go Online

Local property expert Vincent Anthony, from Propertynest, says “We invested thousands of pounds into software and online advertising channels including Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as 500 other online web channels”. By selling online with Propertynest, you could not only benefit from a fixed fee sales deal, but also the amazing reach than online advertising can achieve.

Vend The Outdoor Space

Renting a property does not just include four walls and roof, there could be value-adding outdoor space that comes along with it. Simple additions like a parking space or front lawn could be the purchasing factors for a potential tenant, so make sure you include this in your property particulars.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to sell the village and local amenities too – buyers are interested in local schools, parks, transport links and shops. These can add to the desirability of your property regardless of what size it is.


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